Book a Room

Temporary changes to room booking system

As we settle into our new space, update our website, and explore options for a new room booking system, we will temporarily be using paper sign-up sheets to book each meeting room.

There are two ways you can book a meeting room:

  • In-person:
    Write your name and email address on the sheet posted on the door of the meeting room you wish to book.
  • Via email:
    Email with your name, email address, and requested room, date, and time, and a library staff member will update the paper sheet and confirm the booking for you.

Meeting room policies

  • You may book a room for up to three hours per day.
  • No food or open beverages allowed in the meeting rooms.

About the rooms

The library has three meeting rooms available for FIMS graduate students to book. All meeting rooms have projectors.

FNB 3020E

  • Seats eight people
  • Small whiteboard
  • Connected to FNB 3020D; can be made larger by removing the room separator.
  • Window

FNB 3020D

  • Seats six people
  • Large whiteboard
  • Connected to FNB 3020E; can be made larger by removing the room separator.

FNB 3020B

  • Seats four people
  • Large whiteboard
  • Small collection of reserves available
  • Window